Frequently Asked Questions

1What does it cost?
Several factors effect your cost on a particular product. Where you’re located, model options, accessories, power source, location, use. To insure we are quoting you the right product, installed and trained at your location, contact us.
2I can find it cheaper! Why should I buy from an ADG member?
Of course you can find it cheaper. Off-shore knock-offs, lighter duty product, no after sale support, no installation support. There’s always someone cheaper ! Don’t save a few bucks now, and regret the performance or after sale support needed later. We install and service what we sell. You’re not buying a throw away pen, you’re buying Automotive Service Equipment you’ll be working with for years. Protect your future, buy quality now from a source that will be there support you tomorrow.
3I’m looking for the lowest possible price. What can you do for me?
Many of our lines have Economy models. Models that are lighter duty, less options, standard color, etc. If price is your deciding factor, tell us. We’ll quote you the least expense model we are willing to support.
4What site preparation is necessary before the equipment is delivered?
Each piece of equipment has specific environmental needs. Concrete thickness, ceiling height, power source, CFM air flow, ambient temperature are all factors that may play into the proper use of your new equipment. Call us and we can complete a Free Site analysis ahead of your order.
5I need service parts for a machine I bought a few years ago. Can you help?
Contact us with Brand, model number or serial number and your particular need. We specialize in Automotive Equipment, we can probably get your part. One of the benefits of dealing with a nationwide Distributor organization, is we have a very broad reach into the Industry.
6Who’s your member in my city, county or state?
With dozens of members throughout the United States we can handle your needs. Simply call us at 1-800-497-0009, or visit our Member Locator to find the closest member.
7I need a custom designed and installed system in my shop, where do I go?
Many systems require properly specified components dependent on your environment and the job you want done. Whether it’s Lubrication (how far are you going, what fluid are you pumping, how many dispense points do you want) or Exhaust (how many drops, mobil or fixed drops, ceiling height, etc.) we need to understand your needs before we can spec the system, quote the price and schedule your install. Call us.
8I’m on a tight budget. Do you have USED equipment?
YES, virtually all our members have a variety of used equipment in their warehouses, taken in on trade, or maybe scratch and dent or demo models. Call your local member or 1-800-497-0009 for availability.
9I’m interested in joining ADG. Who do I contact?
We are always looking to fill Open Territories. If you are a full line equipment distributor looking to improve your Sourcing and broaden your industry connections, contact us at 1-800-497-0009 to begin the membership process.