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Your Premier Source for Automotive Equipment

We Are the Largest Group of Independent Automotive Equipment
Distributors in the United States, Bringing Over 25 Years of Industry Expertise

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Membership Overview

ADG (Automotive Distribution Group) is the largest group of independent automotive equipment distributors in the United States. What does this mean for you? Your local ADG Member Company is your premier resource for automotive equipment and service. Most of our Members have at least 25 years of experience in the industry, some of them are third generation family businesses. By dealing with a local ADG Member you’re going straight to the source without middlemen. Our Members are full-service companies. In other words, they stock equipment, sell equipment, deliver/install equipment, and fix equipment. Together as an organization, we’re able to source the industry’s finest equipment in bulk to offer you quality equipment, competitive prices, with truly exceptional service.

ADG Membership is available by invitation only.

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Membership Benefits

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Strength in Numbers

Created by independent equipment distributors, for independent equipment distributors, on the principle that a rising tide lifts all boats.

When we consolidate purchases together as a larger group, we are able to leverage our buying power for the lowest acquisition costs.

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Protected Territories

ADG members don’t compete. Every member has an exclusive territory, so knowledge and best practices can be freely exchanged without worry.

Whether it's a product line you need help acquiring, installation advice, or tools and tricks for your business: ADG
knows a guy!

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Product-Line Access

As a buying group, member-to-member sales are allowed and encouraged! If there is a product line you don't have access to, or maybe you've been denied before, between all of our members, there's someone who can help.

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Variety of Expertise

Across ADG, our members share a wealth of knowledge. By sharing information to help each other succeed, we all sell more product and therefore continue to increase our combined buying power.

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Membership Benefits

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Get Vendor Attention

ADG gets the attention of vendors! Every year vendors come to our meetings to discuss their products and get our feedback.

Ask yourself: who do you pay more attention to, the dealer principal with 12 dealerships or Joe who has a two bay shop 3 towns away?

Core Suppliers

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ADG Buying Power (2022)

  • Lifts:

  • Shop Equipment:

  • Lubrication:

  • Compressors:

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Priceless Knowledge

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SEMA Show Meetings & More!

Each year ADG holds two meetings. One in correlation with the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and the other taking place in the Spring, with a new location every year!

Topics Discussed at Meetings:

  • Supplier Reviews

  • Prospective New Suppliers

  • Technical Seminars

  • Marketing Strategies

  • General Business Topics relevant to the

  • Automotive Equipment Industry

Many of our members claim that the information shared and learned during these meetings can be the most valuable benefit of being an ADG member.

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ADG Capital is a financial institution, owned by ADG members, that's specifically structured to help you sell equipment as quick as possible with the most competitive rates for your customers.

ADG members, in addition to being part owners, have access to some of the most competitive rates and receive a commission on their finance sales. ADG Capital funded $3.1M sales for members in 2022.